Tribeca is a new gastronomic concept that offers event rooms, catering service and deli, located in one of the most active and strategic business, touristic and comercial areas in Costa Rica: Santa Ana

Andrea Alvarez Aguilar, Tribeca's founder, has a long trajectory in the culinary industry in Costa Rica and has prepared events for presidents, scholars and a myriad of clients that consider her services among the best in Costa Rica. Andrea is a member of the International Catering Association in the U.S. and periodically attends the prestigious Culinary Institute of America (CIA) in its continuous education program.

After many years of experience in the culinary industry in Costa Rica, Tribeca's concept, where culinary art is merged with a premium catering service, was finally born. Surrounded by a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere specially designed to offer a unique experience, Tribeca is recognized for its top quality and service.